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Diagraph’s innovative history began in November of 1893 with the conception of the Bradley Stencil Machine, invented by Andrew Jackson Bradley to expedite the laborious process of hand addressing cargo along the Mississippi River. The stencil machine improved upon the previously inconsistent process of hand marking and expensive brass stencils, re-shaping the way shippers conducted their business. Bradley’s invention emphasized ease-of-use and opened the doors for the marking industry by making it simple to include a variety of shipment and product information on the outside of the shipping containers.

As customer needs evolved, Diagraph responded by being the first manufacturer to offer an expanded product line of machines, ink, brushes and paper. As the industry progressed, Diagraph continued to innovate by offering increasingly automated coding products – furthering the value and ease-of-use promised to the customer. Just as Bradley had revolutionized the industry with the stencil machine, Diagraph continued to carry that legacy with the introduction of the first roll coder, the first high resolution piezoelectric print engine, and the first all-electric automated labeling system – just to name a few!

Our timeline of achievements clearly depicts the milestones in innovation that have continued to define our company and the way industry continues to move goods to market: