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Personal Care & Cosmetics


For manufacturers in the cosmetics and personal care industries, brand image is essential to customer satisfaction. Diagraph’s marking and coding solutions are ready to help you comply with quality and industry requirements like expiry dates or ingredient labels while preserving your brand standards at the highest level. We understand the entire product presentation leaves a lasting customer impression, so we focus on the quality and accuracy in the smallest details leaving you to focus on the primary and secondary packaging aesthetic that will stand out from the competition.

Industry Challenges: Our experts in customer and technical support will help you consider all of the factors necessary to keep beauty, cosmetics and personal care production lines running at maximum uptime with minimal maintenance or quality control interventions:

What are my options for coding solutions that can create legible, high-contrast marks on branded and innovative packaging containers?
How do you effectively preserve brand integrity while including all the required customer ingredient and quality assurance labels?
What marking and coding technologies print reliably to eliminate production mistakes and minimize contamination, as a result, avoiding wasted product?
How can I use anti-counterfeiting marks in my production line to prevent diverted merchandise?
If I switch to more sustainable packaging formats, will my marking and coding technology be able to adjust?

Common Codes: Best before dates, logos, barcodes, batch numbers and 2D codes

From primary to secondary packaging to case coding, Diagraph can ensure that a system is available to meet your production environment needs. Alleviate the stress of constant maintenance, quality assurance and counterfeiting and instead concentrate on enhancing your cosmetics and personal care brand. Rest assured that your coding requirements will never interfere with the appearance of your brand image and traceability will remain accurate, consistently.

Coding Technology Recommendations By Substrate

Choosing The Right Coder For Personal Care Products
Compact Hot Stamp Series Printers for Cosmetics Labels
Norwood Hot Stamp Series Printers for Cosmetics Labels
XL Thermal Transfer Series Printers for Cosmetics Labels