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LINX TT-1000

Flexible packaging and other flexible material printing at widths up to 107mm

The Linx TT 1000 is a simple printer designed for printing onto flexible materials including bags, pouches, labels and flow wrap, ideal when coding areas up to 107mm x 300mm. 

Low cost of ownership, increased uptime, easy to use.

Key Benefits
Operates without compressed air reducing installation and operating costs while maintaining consistent print quality
Large range of ribbons to better meet your application and production line printing needs
Optimised ribbon usage with bi-directional stepper motors delivering more prints per ribbon
Lightweight, simple, push button ribbon cassette system for quick and easy ribbon changes
Optimal number of user maintainable parts that are easy to replace
Easy to set and maintain print quality with electronic pressure control
Simple cassette system minimises errors during ribbon replacements
Easy to use colour touch screen - fewer errors and hassle-free operation
Printing Capabilities
Ribbon widths: 20mm to 110mm
Print area – intermittent motion mode: up to 107mm (W) x 75mm (L)
Print area – continuous motion mode: up to 107mm (W) x 300mm (L)
Maximum throughput: 700 prints per minute
Maximum ribbon length – 1200m
Print speed - intermittent motion mode: 10mm/sec to 800mm/sec
Print speed - continuous motion mode: 1mm/sec to 1000mm/sec
Ribbons: Range of types, colours, lengths and widths
Linx CLARiSOFT message design software
Fixed/variable text and numeric fields
Auto incrementing/ decrementing text, counters and barcodes
Basic shape drawing
Flexible date/time formats
Auto best before date calculation
Formats for shift coding
Multiple graphic formats
…and more
Physical characteristics
Operates without compressed air
Class leading lightened push button open/push to close, simplest ribbon threading cassette system
Clutchless bi-directional ribbon drive
8.0” WVGA (800x480) touch screen graphic user interface
Universal bracket systems for integrating printer into intermittent and continuous motion packaging machinery
LINX TT-1000