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As a leading provider of marking and coding technology, Diagraph works with prepared food companies of all sizes to fulfill product traceability needs that can easily scale up for future capacity and complexity. Diagraph manufactures technology offering snack food, confectionery, dairy, frozen food, prepared food, and many other food producers a range of solutions for batch coding, date coding, ingredient labeling and barcode marking. With technologies that span the entire packaging line — from primary product to secondary packaging all the way to pallet labeling – our equipment aims to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) while minimizing downtime and producing high-quality marks.

Industry Challenges: We understand the challenges facing food companies. Diagraph’s customer or technical support staff can provide insight on the following key questions:

What machines meet the Ingress Protection (IP) rating needs of my factory environment handling fine ingredients like sugar, flour or powdered seasonings?
How can I ensure consistent, high-quality printing for customer quality assurance on non-porous materials like plastic sleeves, glass jars and shrink wrap?
What are my options for equipment that can meet demand by increasing line efficiency and speed while adapting to accommodate unique packaging formats?
What available technology can undergo regular wash-downs to meet sanitation compliance requirements?
How does the GMO labeling bill, Produce Traceability Initiative, Food Safety Modernization Act and other legislation affect my business?

Common Codes: One-line expiration date, production codes, nutrition and ingredient statements, GMO disclaimers, lot numbers, barcodes

Diagraph will work with you to right-size a solution that meets your specifications. We understand that packaging varies greatly within the food industry. From tetra packs to curved yogurt containers to instant coffee pouches, we offer a range of coding technologies aimed at providing your operation with an uptime advantage.

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