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Building Products


In the building products industry, coding accuracy is essential in preventing expensive scrapping and retaining profits on high-end products. With harsh, dusty production environments, the correct marking and coding solution is key to keeping your operation running smoothly. You can depend on Diagraph to provide a solution that handles your coding needs accurately, consistently and with minimal interventions and maintenance.

Industry Challenges: The profitability of your building products production line in part depends on the quality of your coding equipment and keeping associated downtime to a minimum. Diagraph is prepared to help you evaluate all the factors contributing to your bottom line:

How can I limit variability in code placement on substrates like paper or plastic bags filled with uneven, bumpy objects?
Is it possible to produce clean marks in a high-speed production environment even with dusty and extreme temperature conditions?
Can I find a solution that allows for flexibility in my message printing and product changeovers?
How can my coding solution accommodate traceability requirements for the warehouse, wholesaler and end users?

Common Codes: Lot numbers, barcodes, product ID codes, logos

Not every marking and coding solution is the same just like no two production lines are the same. Our product specialists at Diagraph will work with you to right-size a solution to meet all of your specifications and aim to eliminate errors and product scrapping.

Coding Technology Recommendations By Substrate

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