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Laser Coding For Plastic Bottle Marking

Laser coding is the most powerful way to print product information for product packaging like bottles, glass, cans and many more. Here at Diagraph, we offer a range of laser coders that will meet every requirement including your budget, substrate and packaging needs. We provide a flexible laser coder solution that is great for the beverages industry and many other industries. Our Linx laser coders are also known for its industry-leading tube life and service intervals.

With its simple operation, laser coding can be highly advantageous as it can provide clear, sharp and high-resolution coding. The laser coders will leave permanent traceability on the products which makes it a really ideal option, especially for plastic bottle marking. Besides, our range of laser coders is also able to deliver best line speed performance that will absolutely increase the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

Get your laser coders only from a reliable product identification solution provider like Diagraph. Find out more about our laser coders below.

Linx SL1 plastic bottle marking

Linx SL1

The Linx SL1 laser is a cost-effective, compact laser coder which fits easily into production environments where space is constrained. The highly flexible SL1 laser delivers a wide range of message types: multiple lines of high quality text, logos and machine-readable codes. The efficient system design extends laser tube life as well as enhancing reliability and reducing costs.

Linx SL3

30W compact and robust laser coder .The Linx SL3 Laser Coder is affordable, enabled by a single laser coding unit with flexible configurations to meet your needs. Simple to install and easy to maintain, the Linx SL3 provides an ideal marking solution onto a wide range of products. With its IP54 rated enclosure and proven laser technology, the Linx SL3 operates reliably in manufacturing environments, maximizing production output.

Linx CSL10 and CSL30

The new Linx CSL10 and CSL30 scribing CO2 lasers offer the largest marking field in the industry, allowing wide web applications to be addressed with one laser instead of two. In addition, the coders can achieve among the fastest laser markings in the industry that can up to 2,952ft/min (900m/min).

Linx CSL60 for laser coding application

Linx CSL60

The Linx CSL60 laser coding system is ideal for high-speed coding applications found in beverage or other demanding production environments. The high power 60W laser tube is the perfect choice for coding onto hard to mark materials such as glass PET bottles.

Linx FSL20 and FSL50 for plastic bottle marking

Linx FSL20 and FSL50

The Linx FSL20 and FSL50 fiber laser coders offer the most flexible coding solution across the widest range of materials including metal, rubber, plastic and packaging foils in both static and moving applications.


Legacy Products

Diagraph’s legacy portfolio includes the following products that have been discontinued for sale. View more to understand your servicing or product upgrade options.

Legacy Linx SL501

The LINX SL501 50W system has been specifically designed to print high quality codes on a wide range of materials at higher speeds. This system also works well in both primary and secondary coding applications. With an IP65 stainless steel enclosure, it is also ready to print in harsh production environments.

Leasing Options Available

Prefer to lease equipment instead of buy? Call us today to learn more about Diagraph’s flexible leasing programs that allow you to keep up with the latest technology for a low monthly rate.