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The Platinum E-Series PA6000 serves as a versatile pallet labeling solution for track and trace, warehouse management and product ID applications. The system enables manufacturers to drive pallet labelers on multiple transit lines from a single controller.


The Diagraph PA7100 print and apply labeling system's all-electric design frees manufacturers from the inconsistencies and high costs of plant air, enabling unparalleled one-to-one label-to-product placement.

A white labelling sticker roll is inserted on a label applicator in Malaysia

PA6000 Pallet Labeler

This all-electric pallet labeling system consistently prints easily scanned “license plates” on every pallet. Easily print ship date, time, pallet number, count number, inventory, plant information, product ID graphics, logos, barcodes and more.

E-Tamp Pallet Application Module

The E-Tamp features quick snap-action return. This allows for accurate placement for labels up to 6” long.

E-FASA Swing Arm Pallet Application Module

The E-FASA is ideal for front and side apply and side and real apply pallet labeling applications. Its pivoting knuckle tamp pad allows for fewer failure points and adjustments.

Leasing Options Available

Prefer to lease equipment instead of buy? Call us today to learn more about Diagraph’s flexible leasing programs that allow you to keep up with the latest technology for a low monthly rate.