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Technical Assessment

Tell us what you want, we share back what is best for you.

    Please tell us more about your current needs , so we can make the right proposal to you.

    What is the correct packaging level for your product?

    What kind of codes are you applying (select all that apply)?

    Select the substrate on which you're printing (select all that apply).

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-1 "Next >" ""]What are your line speed requirements?

    What are your overall print height requirements?

    Which capability is a priority for you?

    Please share any additional information about your application below.
    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-2 "< Back" "Next >" ""]Please provide your contact information and click submit to enable us to find the right Diagraph solution for your application.

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    Leasing Options Available

    Prefer to lease equipment instead of buy? Call us today to learn more about Diagraph’s flexible leasing programs that allow you to keep up with the latest technology for a low monthly rate.