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IJ4000 HMI Impulse Jet Controller


Key Features
10.2” color touch screen display with pop up on-screen keyboard
Smart connection hub design allows the system to control multiple production lines from a remote location
Multiple printhead configuration allows you to drive up to four IJ384E ACS 2” or two IJ768 4” printheads, achieving a combined print area up to 8” tall
Graphic User Interface (GUI) with WYSIWYG editor makes creating and editing print messages simple
Equipped with 1 Ethernet, 1 USB and 2 RS232 ports for optimal connectivity
Auto code capabilities include Time, Date, Use By, Julian, Count, Shifts, Variable Input, User Defined Codes and Variable Barcodes
Barcode capabilities include UPC, GTIN, 12of5, 128, Code 39, EAN, UCC, GS1-128 and 2D Data Matrix
Supports high resolution bit map images and multiple image formats

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