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Linx 8900 Plus


Key Features
Sealed, industrial printhead require no manual adjustments that risk damaging critical printhead components.
Automatic printhead flushing allows up to 6 weeks between recommended cleanings, ensuring consistent, high-quality prints.
Quick mix cycle methodology ensures high-quality prints by keeping pigment particles dispersed with each mixing cycle upon jet start up.
Extended self-service intervals of up to 6,000 hours or 12 months involves changing a simple self-service module by following on-screen instructions with no additional need to change out pumps, maximizing printer uptime.
Extended shutdowns of up to 1 month allow printers to start back up without the need to flush or drain the printer.
Plus, experience the same great features as the Linx 8900 Series including:
Simple one-touch fluid cartridge refills during printing allows for no mess, no tools and no mistakes.
Effortless product changeovers are made simple by storing and easily retrieving multiple production line settings.
User-friendly, configurable touch screen interface  with icon-driven functions allow line operators to place the most commonly used functions right at their fingertips.
Automatic fluid monitoring allows for 8-hour advanced fluid refill warnings, minimizing unplanned downtime and line-operator monitoring.
Advanced System Monitoring proactively notifies line operators of preventive maintenance actions to avoid unscheduled downtime by performing ongoing printer health checks.
Prints 3 to 5 lines on a wide range of substrate materials (See models).
Multiple connectivity options across your production line, including connecting and controlling several printers from your PC, using Parallel I/O and Ethernet connectivity.
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