Inkjet Case Coder Equipment Inkjet Case Coder Equipment Inkjet Case Coder Equipment



Key Features
Largest marking area in the industry, up to 15.7in x 23.6in (400mm x 600mm), ideal for applications such as flexible sheets for lids
IP65 rating options allow either model to operate in harsh, wet and dusty environments such as frozen, dairy, beverage, chemicals and construction
Reduces energy usage by up to 50% with the unique VisiCode® function, also designed for producing unsurpassed high quality codes on glass and PET
More powerful processing board with the ability to relay the message from the control unit to the marking head more quickly, delivering higher speeds
Highly efficient operating system delivering a tube life of around 45,000 hours
Over 20,000 standard configurations for a range of marking heads and positions that can be tailored to precise coding application requirements
More versatility with an increased choice of conduit lengths (3, 5 and 10m), flexible conduit design, detachable marking head, connectors and conduit, and quick disconnect umbilical cable
Ease of set-up and reduction of user error due to an enhanced version of its LinxVision® operating system

Diagraph Linx Vision Laser Coder Controller Datasheet
Diagraph Linx Vision Laser Coder Controller Datasheet

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