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Leasing Program


Flexible Leasing Options for Diagraph Marking & Coding Equipment

Diagraph has been in the product traceability and identification business for over 125 years helping companies find the best-fit solution for their coding operation that maximizes uptime and meets their requirements. We are proud to offer these solutions in a more accessible way to our customers through low-investment leasing programs for all our equipment – from primary product coding all the way up to pallet labeling.

What are the benefits of leasing product identification equipment?

There are numerous benefits to leasing marking, coding and labeling equipment, including:

Cost Justification: A low monthly payment can improve cash flow.
Conserves Capital & Buying Power: Financing usually means no down payment. Furthermore, incidental costs, such as sales taxes and installation charges can be bundled into the lease rather than paid upfront.
Flexible Options: Choose from two different leasing plans according to what works best for you.
100% Financing: Finance 100 percent of your solution. Leasing lets you finance the entire cost of your technology acquisition, including equipment and software costs.
Fixed Payment: You will not need to worry about the rising cost of money. Now is the perfect time to lock in a low monthly payment
Quick Approvals: Our chosen leasing partner, Wells Fargo, has a simple application that takes only a few minutes to complete. You can be approved usually within 24 hours and have your equipment in no time at all.
Simple Documentation: Wells Fargo prepares all paperwork, typically on a single sided document, and no UCC forms to file.
How do I get started with a leasing program?

We are ready to talk with you to determine which leasing program works best for your needs. Call +603-5614 4688 to speak with a Diagraph representative today. Or, if you already know what program is right for you, you can request a quote today to compare the monthly costs for our flexible 3-, 4- and 5-year payment plans. Our experts will be happy to walk you through the entire process.