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ALLEN 40/25C


Key Features
Compact, reliable and robust
Exceptionally high print quality
Comprehensive range of typeholders
Used to code expiration dates, product identification information and lot/batch numbers onto labels and packaged products
Quick foil change magazine with foil run out warnings fitted
Can be fitted with a variable temperature setting
A comprehensive range of clip-in typeholders is also available giving complete print layout flexibility
1 ½” x 1” print area
Up to 300 imprints/minute
Up to 1000’ ribbon rolls
Simple one-touch fluid cartridge refills during printing allows for no mess, no tools and no mistakes.
Effortless product changeovers are made simple by storing and easily retrieving multiple production line settings.
User-friendly, configurable touch screen interface  with icon-driven functions allow line operators to place the most commonly used functions right at their fingertips.
Automatic fluid monitoring allows for 8-hour advanced fluid refill warnings, minimizing unplanned downtime and line-operator monitoring.
Advanced System Monitoring proactively notifies line operators of preventive maintenance actions to avoid unscheduled downtime by performing ongoing printer health checks.
Prints 3 to 5 lines on a wide range of substrate materials (See models).
Multiple connectivity options across your production line, including connecting and controlling several printers from your PC, using Parallel I/O and Ethernet connectivity.

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