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Baked Goods


Diagraph coding solutions understands the unique needs of industrial baked goods manufacturers. Factors like airborne particles or various substrates should have no negative impact on your ultimate uptime or customer satisfaction. Our equipment offers the peace of mind that you’ll always receive shelf-ready high-quality marks and with minimal interventions. No matter the size of your bakery, our leading marking and coding technology allows you to easily scale up for future customer capacity and regulations while keeping your production process on track.

Industry Challenges: As industry demands become increasingly complex, the customer or technical support staff at Diagraph can help you navigate the challenges that other bread, grain, cereal or pastry manufacturers face:

What products can create accurate on-pack coding to ensure customer quality assurance and comply with safety standards?
As my facility begins to process more individual-portioned packages, is there a technology available that can accommodate higher line speeds?
What are my options for equipment that can withstand environments ranging from being in the vicinity of high temperature ovens to processing frozen products?
What equipment requires minimal maintenance interventions so production lines can run at optimal efficiency with little to no product waste?

Common Codes: One-line expiration date, production codes, lot numbers, GMO disclaimers

With Diagraph’s guidance, we are able to determine the most optimal solution for your marking and coding needs. Versatility is important when it comes to printing on varying packaging types like flow packs, plastic sleeves or bread closures and our available coding technologies offer different advantages for each substrate type.

Coding Technology Recommendations By Substrate

Coding for Safety & Traceability in the Food Supply Chain
NGT Thermal Transfer Series Printers
XL Thermal Transfer Series Printers