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Diagraph’s leading marking and coding technology has helped beverage manufacturers, ranging from beer and wine to soft drinks, bottled water and fruit juice producers guarantee freshness and quality with accurate coding. Whether you’re a large or small-scale operation, it is a challenge to ensure that essential marks and labels transfer onto complex substrates like non-porous materials, rigid curves and opaque glasses at extremely high speeds.

Industry Challenges: As your bottling or canning business grows, the Diagraph customer and technical support staff can help you overcome obstacles that pose a threat to continually increasing your uptime and production profitability:

What products can handle various substrate shapes and sizes – even those with highly personalized packaging?
How can I ensure that my coding equipment will be able to scale with my business as demand grows, new sales channels develop, regulations change or packaging innovates?
What technology can handle high line speeds without constant repairs or quality issues?
What features are available to ensure that freshness dates are legible, even on curved, rigid or dark-colored application areas?

Common Codes: One-line expiration date, production codes, nutrition and ingredient statements, lot numbers, barcodes, “Born-On” and bottled dates

Partner with Diagraph to find the marking and coding solution to support your uptime operations and precisely meet production requirements without letting your brand integrity fall to the wayside. With the automotive industry, traceability, permanent marking, serialization and inspection marking are just a few factors, along with the application substrate, that we consider when navigating the optimal printer for your production lines.

Coding Technology Recommendations By Substrate

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