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Manufacturers of dairy products face heavy scrutiny by retailers and consumers for freshness and quality. Legible marks are essential in ensuring the safety of food items, especially dairy products containing milk expiring on average in less than 20 days. Accurate, durable coding for dairy processors is notoriously challenging in an environment of refrigerated temperatures, laborious sterilization and washdown processes, and 24/7 operations. Diagraph’s coding solutions are designed to make it easy to repeat your expiration and batch codes with minimal downtime so that you can ship your dairy products on time.

Industry Challenges: Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and yogurt pose a variety of challenges with cold, refrigerated environments to 24/7 production environments to wet, moist, or greasy packaging surfaces. Diagraph is equipped to help manage common issues like:

What features are most important to have to prevent coding errors that lead to scrappage of perishable dairy products?
We package for many different brands, flavors, and sizes, what coding technology is the most versatile to mark on a variety of packaging types?
Which type of coding technology is best suited for handling cold, damp or humid environments?
Is it possible to code onto damp, cold packaging surfaces at high line speeds without sacrificing quality?

Common Codes: Use By dates, batch codes, lot codes, expiration dates