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Precision marking and coding technology from Diagraph can offer the solutions that medical supply and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies need to deliver compliant and safe products. It is critical to have hygiene-compliant coding practices that enable vital personal protective equipment supplies to be shipped to where they are needed most in times of health and safety disasters.

With heightened emphasis on serialization, packaging types from primary bottles to secondary carton cases to pallets must include more variable data – that can be read easily by humans and machines – to effectively track and trace every drug. These necessary precautions are in place to prevent counterfeiting and verify the safety of the drugs being distributed to patients, as well as the effectiveness of the personal protective equipment being distributed to healthcare professionals.

Industry Challenges: The latest requirements rolling out for medical supply and pharmaceutical packaging pose a number of new challenges that Diagraph’s customer or technical support staff are prepared to help you navigate:

Which types of coding products print most reliably on face masks and other personal protective equipment, as well as other types of crucial medial supplies?
How can I update my production line to be hygiene compliant to protect the health and safety of line employees?
How can I seamlessly update my production line to comply with the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) requirements with minimal downtime?
Is my production line structured successfully to meet serialization requirement deadlines rolling out over the next few years?
What products can provide the most reliable application of variable data on a range of substrates?

Common Codes: One-line expiration date, best before dates, production codes, lot numbers, bar codes

With the strict track and trace initiatives sweeping the pharmaceutical packaging globally, it is even more imperative to partner with a marking and coding provider who can understand your challenges and product specifications. Not only can we help you uncover the coding solution that will solve for current challenges, but also provide improvements to line speed, efficiency and required maintenance.

Coding Technology Recommendations By Substrate

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