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Traceability is a key to success in the nutraceutical industry, especially for companies that also produce white label goods. Careful consideration should be made when selecting a solution to ensure the printing withstands chemicals or oil and does not rub off. In addition, the solution should be able to code onto a variety of substrates.

Diagraph’s comprehensive solutions make it easy for medicinal and botanical manufacturers to make the perfect mark on glass vials, jars, droppers or plastic tubes.

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Linx continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers are designed to be durable and meet the highest standards of coding quality.

Optional IP protection for harsh environments
Wide range of inks keep batch codes in place on nearly any substrate and withstand harsh production environments while offering non-contact, multi-line coding
Fully sealed and potted design allows printhead to stay print ready for longer periods of time
Ink and solvent cartridges can be changed in seconds with one touch refill
Customizable date and time formats to meet every need, avoid errors and save time


With no need for consumables, lasers provide a low operating cost product marking solution with permanent codes and graphics.

Permanent marking capability
Optional IP protection for harsh environments
Designed for use in challenging, high-speed production environments while ensuring industry leading text and code quality


Diagraph’s line up of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) provides a range of solutions to meet every budget need.

The Norwood XL Series thermal transfer printers are ideal for emerging markets and manufacturers just getting started with variable printing.
The Allen NGT Series thermal transfer printers provide advanced thermal transfer printing capabilities with high print performance at greater speeds over larger print areas.
The innovative Allen MLi-TE provides a comprehensive all-in-one coding solution for applications that require multiple lanes of print.


The Diagraph HP Thermal Jet line of industrial printers features the most robust and durable HP-based printheads with the ability to print high-resolution characters up to 1″ tall.

Prints text, graphics and barcodes
Rugged industrial design
Roller retracting bracketry minimizes dust at the print nozzles while maximizing print quality
Hinged cover provides easy access to ink cartridges
Print speeds up to 200 feet/minute


Diagraph Impulse Jet technology allows for nearly 35% improved barcode scan-ability over other industrial inkjet printers on the market. In addition, Diagraph’s IJ4000 High-Resolution Impulse Jet series accommodates industry-leading ink throw distances of ¼” for machine readable barcodes.

Heavy duty repairable printheads
RuggedCapable of multiple printhead configuration industrial design
10.2” color touchscreen controller
Automatic cleaning system
Reinforced roller retractors
Ability to control multiple production lines from remote locations while simplifying ink management across multiple printheads with a single ink supply


We offer the leading all-electric servo-driven automated labeling system on the market. With smart technology that uses sensors to reduce label application complications, you can be assured of a one-to-one label to product match with pinpoint accuracy in side, top, bottom and corner-wrap applications with varying heights, distances and speeds.

The smart, all-electric label applicators offer the following benefits:

Capable of 100+ PPM
Eliminates failure points caused by inconsistent air supply
Accommodates multiple label sizes using a single tamp pad
Easy set up
Reliable label application
Lower cost of ownership

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