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Anser X1

X1 is designed with quality in mind, to provide true reliable and maintenance free coding solution. Featuring ANSER NEXGen technology, X1 is capable of driving different TIJ printhead technologies with easy switching capability, which provides end user a great variety of ink portfolio to meet their substrate requirement.

Key Features
Reliability and Stability -
Industrial grade mechanical design, ensuring coding stability and reliability in both high & low temperature working environment.
Unmatched Robustness -
Robust capacitive touch screen with quick and accurate response, yet strong enough against accidental impacts and damages. Compatible with most medical and industrial gloves.
High Speed & High-Resolution Coding -
Print speed of 300m/min at 60 DPI*, meeting most high-speed production requirement. ( cartridge dependent )
2-inch Print Height Expandability -
2-inch-high resolution print message using dual ANSER 1-inch cartridges, providing low cost alternative for case labelling.
Non-Stop Coding = Zero Downtime Cost -
Parallel printhead design allows end users to replace cartridges without production intervention, achieving true zero downtime cost.