Inkjet Case Coder Equipment Inkjet Case Coder Equipment Inkjet Case Coder Equipment



Key Features
Brushless servo motor drives precision label dispensing to achieve superior label placement
Independent rewind drive works as a clutch-less, no-adjustment system that is easy to web and minimizes the chance for mistakes
Smart sensing technology detects missing labels at the peel point, advancing the web past missing label area to prevent double feeds and missed products
Color touchscreen display features an intuitive user interface that provides real-time reporting and on-board diagnostics
Optional line speed encoder allows for accurate label placements at variable line speeds
Applicator module configurations accommodate side, top, bottom, corner wraps and tamp/blow label applications
Discrete I/O Card option allows the system to interface to PLC and integrate directly to scanner and conveyor controls
Wipe model dispenses labels at speeds up to 300 PPM
Tamp model offers maximum throughput of 150 PPM depending on applicator configuration and label size
Compatible with WIPE, E-TAMP, E-TAMP/BLOW, E-FASA, E-WASA, and High Speed Tamp (HST) applicator modules

Diagraph LA4750 Label Applicator Datasheet


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