Inkjet Case Coder Equipment Inkjet Case Coder Equipment Inkjet Case Coder Equipment



Key Features
User Interface -- Full Color 480x272 Graphic Touchscreen changes orientation based on system installation
SMART! -- Next generation intelligence to detect irregularities in operation, comprehensive informational screens, and firmware upgradeable to support future features
On Board Label Formats -- Recall stored formats from the User Interface via the internal microSD card or USB Thumb Drive
Serial RS232 and Wired Ethernet -- Built-in Status and Setting Web Pages
Designed for Industrial Use-- Inputs and Outputs protected against ESD, short-circuits, mis-connections, and power surges/sags
Product Detector -- Retro-reflective 900 mm range-adjustable sensor
Application Modules:
Tamp Module – (E-TAMP) - 5", 10", 15", 20", or 30" square-rod, high-speed actuator
Corner Wrap Module – (E-WASA) - 4" to 6" wide, label lengths from 6" to 13"
Swing Arm – (E-FASA) - 5",10", or 20" effective reach, applies one or two labels on front, side, and/or rear product panels
On-Demand Print -- Print when triggered to avoid label adhesive drying or dust contamination
Diagnostics -- Watch all of the sensors and outputs from one graphic animated screen - even while in operation!
Real-Time Information -- Status, Printer and Tamp counters, Repeat Cycle Error Monitor, Broken Liner, Home Position Sensor, Printer Status Monitor
Pallet Labeling Solutions:
Multiple configurations to handle multiple panels in networked and stand-alone operations
Verification through scanner
Integration to ERP and WMS databases
Optional Features
Warning Tower -- 3-color LED status indicators
Variable Stroke -- Tamp-pad-mounted sensor to detect impending product contact for variable product height/width and soft contact applications
Discrete I/O Module -- Optically-isolated four (4) input, six (6) output module with programmable delays and logic
Label Present -- Monitor label on tamp for repeat errors or reprint labels
Label Low -- Monitor supply roll for low condition
Touch Pro allows you to run NiceLabel, EasyLabel or any other labeling program designed to run on a Windows 10
Compact Environmental Enclosure Lid (CEEL) protects the label roll from dust and particles with positive air flow
Integrate the SICK Lector 631 barcode scanner into your material handling process for easy code verification

Code Verification Data Reading System
Diagraph PA6000 Print and Apply Labeler with Touch Pro Datasheet


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